Rent Tektronix TDS 784A Oscilloscope


Tektronix TDS 784A 4 Channel 1GHz Bandwidth 4 GS/s Oscilloscope

Option 1M -130,000 record length. Extend TDS 784A record length from 50,000 standard to500,000 samples on one channel, 250,000 on two channels, and 130,000 samples on three or four channels.
Option 13 – Adds RS232 Port
Option 1F – 3.5″ Floppy Disk Drive
Option 2F – Adds Extended Waveform Math/FFT

The Tektronix TDS Oscilloscope is a superb tool for acquiring, displaying, and measuring waveforms. Its performance addresses the needs of both benchtop lab and portable applications.

Rent  TDS 784A

Limit Testing

The TDS Oscilloscope provides limit testing, which can automatically compare each incoming or math waveform against a template waveform. You set an envelope of limits around a waveform and the oscilloscope finds waveforms that fall outside those limits. (See Figure 3–82.) When it finds such a waveform, the oscilloscope can generate a hardcopy, ring a bell, and stop and wait for your input.

Waveform Math

The TDS Oscilloscope provides a means for you to mathematically manipulate your waveforms. For example, you might have a waveform clouded by background noise. You can obtain a cleaner waveform by subtracting the background noise from your original waveform.

Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT)
The Advanced DSP Math capabilities of the TDS Oscilloscope include taking the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) of a waveform. This section describes FFTs and how to set up the oscilloscope to display and measure FFTs.

Rent Tektronix TDS 784A

The FFT allows you to transform a waveform from a display of its amplitude against time to one that plots the amplitudes of the various discrete frequencies the waveform contains. Further, you can also display the phase shifts of those frequencies. Use FFT math waveforms in the following applications:

Testing impulse response of filters and systems
Measuring harmonic content and distortion in systems
Characterizing the frequency content of DC power supplies
Analyzing vibration
Analyzing harmonics in 50 and 60 cycle lines
Identifying noise sources in digital logic circuits

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