Rent Fluke 196C Scopemeter Color


Fluke ScopeMeter 196C

The full color display makes identification of individual waveforms easier, particularly when displaying large amplitude or multiple overlapping waveforms on screen. On-screen color labels, measurements and warnings are clearly linked to specific waveforms. The high-resolution, color screen and new Digital Persistance and fast display update rate mode gives you an even better view of complex wave-forms in the most demanding troubleshooting applications in the field. Safety certification: CAT III, 600V; CAT IV, 1000V. Meter with SCC Includes: Color Scopemeter, FlukeView® Software, PM9080 cable and case.

Rent 196C

Bandwidth: 100 MHz
Channels: 2 + external /DMM input isolated and ground
Horizontal Accuracy: 0.01%
Vertical Sensitivity: 2mV/div to 100V/div
Max. Real-Time Sample Rate: 1 GS/s
Time Base Range: 10 ns/div to 2 min/div
Trigger Types: Connect-and-View™, Free Run, Single Shot, Edge, Delay, Video, Video line and External delay with selectable pulse width
Glitch Capture: 50 nsec
AutoScope Measurements: 26
Max. Record Length: 27,500 points per input (10ms/div to 2 min/div)
Auto Capture of 100 Screens: Yes, with replay capability
WF Memory: 10 screens/10 setups
Memory: 2/100 screen
Additional features: 14.4 cm full color LCD with digital persistence; Pass/Fail testing

Rent Fluke 196C


BC190 Battery Charger/Line Voltage adapter
BP190 NiMH Battery Pack
Getting started booklet
User manual (CD-ROM)
TL75 Hard Point Test Lead Set
VPS200-G Voltage Probe (200 MHz, 10:1), Grey
VPS200-R Voltage Probe (200 MHz, 10:1), Red

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