Rent Agilent U1604A Handheld Oscilloscopes, 40 MHz


U1604A 40 MHz handheld digital oscilloscope

The U1604A 40 MHz handheld digital oscilloscope is a high performance troubleshooting tool in multi- industrial automation, process control, facility maintenance and automotive- service industries. With its 4.5- inch LCD color display, it is capable of clearly distinguishing waveforms from two channels. The U1604A is a dual- channel scope with real- time sampling rate of up to 200 MSa/s. The U1604A can also function as a digital multimeter (DMM) and data logger.The U1604A with built- in 6000- count resolution and true RMS comes with an auto range function that allows users to perform quick and accurate DMM measurements. Additionally, with data logger function, users can perform automatic data logging for all DMM measurements.

Rent U1604A

40-MHz Bandwidth

2 channels
200 MSa/s Sampling Rate
25 KB Memory Depth
Color Display – 4.5 inch

Rent Agilent U1604A


Waveform Zoom and Math Functions
6000 count Digital Multimeter
Data Logger Capability


Connectivity Standard: USB 2.0 Full Speed IO Interface

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